Selected Works of Wallace H. Provost

Social and Political Philosopher

These days I am writing fiction because now I can travel to exotic places

Come with me,To the Moon,with a Cherokee Maiden, To Outer Space with a paraplegic Carney, To the Far Side, chasing a serial killer, To Mexico with the Ugly Machine, To the Black Asteroid with Rusty and his Apache girl friend, learn the real meaning of the Mayan Prophecy of 2012, or To Tampa Florida with Cuban Lawyer Allison Rubiero,

Freedom and the Burden of Responsibility

If you know what it means to be human, then you know why Freedom is an awesome responsibility.

God, Science and Reason

The Role of Philosophy in

The Evolution of Western


How a simple assumption, that the world is a rational place, shaped the evolution of western culture.

Published Articles

and Complexity in the Social Theory of Niklas Luhmann


The Role of Complexity in an Integrated Science of Sociology

Complex Organization and Niklas Luhmann's Sociology of Law

Complexity and a Pragmatic Theory of Knowledge

Science as Paradigmatic Complexity


Short Story

Hilltopping with the Old Mountain Goat

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Wallace Provost


The Moon is not For Sale

Manhunt on the Far Side

The Lost Legend of Pala Duro

The Ugly Machine Saga

The Black Asteroid

Allison Rubiero

Allison Rubiero

Allison Rubiero Book 2